Podcast: Tick-Borne Diseases with Dr. Christine Green on Dr. Berkson’s Best Health Radio

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Podcast: Tick-Borne Diseases with Christine Green

Podcast: Tick-Borne Diseases with Christine Green


Dr. Christine Green has been treating tick-borne disease for many decades and lectures world-wide to physicians about testing and treating. This is a must hear show. You will never hear all this science-based and nuanced information on Tick-Borne diseases in one place.

Dr. Green is an internationally renowned Tick-Borne “Medical Sleuth”!

In this show you will learn:

  • What is Tick-Borne disease?
  • Where is it and why is it traveling?
  • How to avoid it?
  • Why all the mystery around diagnosing it?
  • What is Lyme?
  • What are co-infections?
  • What are effective tools to address this illness?
  • Which antibiotics and which herbs work for which conditions.
  • What does Pott’s disease have to do with Tick-Borne illness?
  • What pathogens must you test for in Pott’s disease that are often missed?
  • Buhner protocols and books for Lyme.
  • And much more!