Integrative MedicineIntegrative Medicinelearn more

Integrative medicine is the current term for what once was called Holistic medicine. So what does it mean? To me it means good, old-fashioned medicine. Integrative medicine considers etiology, the root cause of the symptoms you are having. In order to determine the etiology. Read More ➜

Lyme Disease TreatmentLyme Disease Treatmentlearn more…

The treatment of Lyme disease, should in most cases be re-phrased as the treatment of tick borne disease. I follow the ILADS standard of care in treating tick borne disease. In addition I will treat the underlying or co-existing illnesses using evidence based therapies. I use the term evidence based to indicate that there is scientific research that provides data on what therapies to apply.Read More ➜

Bio-Identical HormonesBio-Identical Hormoneslearn more

Hormones, as we all discover in our teens, rule. And body hormones continue to rule!. Whether it is insulin controlling your blood sugar levels, cortisol from the adrenals helping the body deal with stress including infections, or ovaries and testes driving our libido and fantasy life, hormones set up the playing field in the body. Read More ➜