We would like to extend to you a personal greeting and a very warm welcome to our medical practice.

We believe that health care should be designed specifically for each patient, with active involvement of both patient and family in decision-making about individual options for treatment. Our goal is to ensure that decisions respect patients’ wants, needs, and preferences and that patients receive the education and support they need to make decisions and participate in their own care.

Our philosophy of practice is integrative, oriented toward finding the least harmful approach to reaching health. We focus on removal of pathogens, nutritional therapy and bio-identical hormone balancing. Our philosophy of health is that of balance of internal environment i.e. hormonal and immune systems, and external environment, i.e. infections, toxins and stressors.

Dr. Green views herself as an expert consultant and wants to work interactively with you, the patient to achieve health.

Dr. Green views you, the patient, as the expert in terms of knowledge of your own body. And she views herself as the practitioner who can help you interpret signs and symptoms in terms of medical physiology and physiochemistry. This interactive relationship is supplemented with the practice’s online patient portal that lets you contact your doctor, renew prescriptions, ask questions, fill out health forms – all conveniently online.
The goal is to create a face-to-face patient-doctor partnership, along with the digital information portal that gives you the best possible health management. Put it all together and you have a health care experience that is centered on you – built to suit your needs both as a patient and as a person. Our job is to provide the best most updated and accurate information to give you enough knowledge to make informed choices about therapy and treatment.

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