Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Dr. Christine Green Medical Practice office policies.

Cancellation Policy

You must call Dr. Green’s office to make any cancellations. For returning patients cancellations made three or less business days before a scheduled appointment are considered “late cancellations”. Late cancellation fees must be paid before further appointments will be scheduled. For new patients cancellation 10 business days before the visit will result in full refund. After that we can re-schedule but not refund. We accept American Express,Visa, MasterCard or personal check.

Payment Policy

For returning patients, payment is due in full at the time of visit. New patients are required to pay at the time of scheduling.


WE DO NOT BILL OR CONTRACT WITH ANY INSURANCE COMPANIES. At the end of your visit, you will be given a Superbill with ICD9 diagnosis codes and CPT procedure codes that you can submit to your health insurance company to attempt to obtain reimbursement for services rendered at out-of-plan rates.

(EXCEPTION: MEDICARE PATIENTS will be given a receipt but not a superbill to prevent submission of any claims to Medicare, Medi-gap. or other Medicare supplemental insurance plans – All patients receiving Medicare are required to sign an agreement that they acknowledge that Dr. Green is not enrolled in Medicare and agree that no claims will be submitted for their care to Medicare or Medicare Supplemental Insurance.)

We do not participate, nor are we providers in any insurance plan. Patients should never assume any level of reimbursement from your insurance for office visits or services. Please contact your individual carrier in order to ascertain reimbursement to you, by your particular Insurance provider plan. Depending on the physician or staff time involved, we reserve the right to bill for reports, letters or other documentation to support claims for reimbursement sent to your health insurance company.

Primary Care Policy

Our office is not a Primary Care Facility. We do not provide primary care or urgent care services. We require our patients to establish themselves with a Primary Care Physician and provide our office with this information. Our staff does not have hospital privileges and we are unable to treat patients at any other facility. We do not provide urgent or acute, immediate care at our office. We do not have practitioners on call for emergencies. If any of our patients are experiencing an emergency medical situation, they are advised to contact 911 and/or their Primary Care Physician.

Confidentiality Policy

We will only share your health information with others after we have received your written consent to do so or in the event that you have submitted a claim to your health insurance company and that company requests that we share health information relevant to that claim. You can request a copy of your medical records from the clinic at any time for your personal use. Please allow 5-10 business days for Medical Records requests.