Dr. Christine Green Medical Practice will refill all authorized medications Dr. Green prescribes for your care through our office. Follow these easy steps:

In general you should have enough of your prescribed medication, bioidentical hormone, botanical remedy or supplement to last until your next scheduled visit. Please check with our staff during check-out. New legislation allows a PhD pharmacist to countermand the doctor’s prescription. The pharmacist can choose to do this if he or she feels it is too high a dose or too long a course and so on. This legislation has just gone though in the last year. This means you may receive a different prescription than the practitioner at Greenoaks orders. Unless otherwise directed you should stay on your medication until your next appointment or unless the medication is causing untoward effects. You should follow directions on the handout “Minimizing Treatment Effects”. If there is a discrepancy between what your doctor advised and what the pharmacy provides please call us.

Renewal requests

If you do need a renewal, as often happens, if for instance your insurance allows only a month of a prescription at a time and your appointments are more than one month apart, have your pharmacy fax the request to the office: fax: 650-523-4682. If you or your pharmacy have any questions, please call the office: phone: 650-433-8925.

  1. Most prescriptions are renewed on the next business day after they are received but may take up to 5 days if received over a holiday or weekend. Please plan accordingly.
  2. Prior to every appointment, please complete an updated Medication Log via the Green Oaks Medical Patient Portal so that our office is aware of every medication and supplement you are currently taking from all prescribing practitioners.
  3. Sometimes we understand that you may be traveling and lose or forget a medication. If so, request a renewal via a message to our office through Green Oaks Medical Patient Portal or call the office where you are seen. Remember to spell the medication, leave the strength and give us a local pharmacy and tell us where you are.
Important to remember
  1. All prescriptions must be current (within the last 3 months) to be considered for a refill.You must keep regularly scheduled appointments as advised by Dr. Green.
  2. Please check with your pharmacy before calling our office to check on the status of your refill.
  3. You will not receive a call from our nurses unless there is a question about your refill.
  4. Those of you on long term medication for infectious disease, inflammation or pain or hormonal balance need to obtain regular blood tests and scans as requested. Prescriptions for antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, sleep or pain medications will only be renewed if your visits and laboratory surveillance are up to date. Those requesting refill prescriptions for bioidentical hormones, must similarly have up to date PAP smears, mammograms, bone density tests, PSA, cholesterol tests and regular visits for exams.
Prior Authorizations

Your insurance company may deny a prescription or require a Prior Authorization. Every insurance company has different policies regarding the coverage of medications. They may request additional information, lab results and even a conversation with Dr. Green or a member of her staff.

If prior authorization is needed for a medication , those requests will be handled by our staff in the order in which they are received. Your pharmacy must forward us a denial and request prior authorization when a medication is denied or is pending Prior Authorization. You will be notified of decisions received by our office regarding your Prior Authorization status. Your insurance company may review additional information and still deny coverage of your medicaton , despite appeals from or office or from you directly. Every effort will be made to justify the choice of a particular medication for your care but unfortunately, the insurance company has the final decision and a change in your care may be required or you may have to explore direct purchase of certain medications.