It’s tick season

If you have or suspect you have had a tick bite, we offer quick tick bite checks in-office. Early evaluation and early treatment when appropriate are essential.

Call the office at 650-433-8925 to schedule an appointment

Dear Patients of Green Oaks Medical Center,

As of this week, in light of rapid decreases in the transmission of COVID-19 , Dr. Green and Mindy Daigle, NP will be seeing patients in the office again. We celebrate the return to our “new normal” with cautious optimism.

Our staff will continue to screen all in-office patients for COVID-19, as well as perform rapid Antigen testing for all patients prior to entry to our offices-regardless of vaccination status.

Our staff continues to test regularly and Universal Precautions are rigorously practiced at Green Oaks Medical Center.

It is important for you to keep and maintain regular office visits as ordered by our medical staff. All telephone or Telemedicine appointments require prior approval by Dr. Green.

We hope you and yours continue to stay safe and healthy!

Best Regards, Dr. Green, Mindy, Nicole, Ramiro and Erin

Are you or a member of your family struggling with unexplained symptoms that won’t go away?

Dr. Green is a medical sleuth who has diagnosed and successfully treated the causes of chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and poor health in thousands of patients over the more than 25 years she has been in practice. She is a specialist in Lyme disease, the often-misdiagnosed great imitator and fastest spreading vector disease in the U.S. today. Christine G, MD is a recognized leader in the diagnosis, treatment and education of Lyme disease. She has practiced as Education Director in the PMS Self Help Clinic since 1983 and is a pioneer in the use of bioidentical hormone therapies. Since opening her practice Dr. Green has used nutritional therapies and health education to successfully support healing, health, immune strength and full energy.

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