We partner with you on your lifelong path to optimal health by successfully integrating the traditional benefits of conventional medical care with evidence-based complementary methods.

Integrative medicine is the current term for what once was called Holistic medicine. So what does it mean? To me it means good, old-fashioned medicine. Integrative medicine considers etiology, the root cause of the symptoms you are having. In order to determine the etiology.

I will consider physiology (how the body works), pathology (how the body becomes ill), whether the cause is an infectious organism, injurious substances from the environment, or a mistake in the genetic code or expression that leads to hormone or immune imbalance. Integrative medicine is a particularly good field to effectively treat chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia and neurologic syndromes such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson syndrome. Any time the word syndrome is used in medicine, it means there is no known etiology for the illness.

In Integrative medicine a search is made for the root cause, allowing more effective treatment. This is sometimes called second opinion work as the first opinion is usually that no real cause for the symptoms exists outside of a non-provable one, such as depression or stress. Integrative medicine will use environment modification, nutritional optimization and therapy, herbal or natural remedies, or pharmaceutical medications to re-balance or correct the process that is leading to ill health or illness.

At Christine Green’s Medical Practice, we take time to listen to patients and their concerns, discussing a variety of conventional and alternative options, and based on the patient’s comfort level, coming to an agreement as to the course of treatment. All this requires time and dedication to the patient and the best outcome.

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